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Our History

Sri Krishnashraya Educational Trust is an independent, Non-Governmental, social developmental organisation that has been providing support to those in need since 2014. The mission works in supporting the orphaned and abandoned children, abandoned old age persons, disabled persons, widows. We give education, personality development skills and vocational training to children who are sheltered with us. Also, we support, give relief and share our food. during natural disasters such as Covid 19 etc. But our primary focus is to care and give protection to children who are in need. Along with we instill morals and life skills to our children grow, learn and eventually become an independent and good citizen.

Our Primary Activities

  • We provide hygienic environment, balanced nutritious food, clothing, shelter, education, morality, basic family values, art and culture. Above all the true value of love and affection.
  • We take care of our children’s physical health regularly by the support of our doctors, care takers and well-wishers.
  • We also give support and care for the mentally depressed children, by way of giving them counseling and taking them for exposure visits.

Our Needs And Requirements

  • We need a better place to house our children with all the basic amenities of a house (good kitchen, dining hall, study hall, library, toilets, dormitory and space for sports, extra -curricular activities etc.)
  • Office rooms.
  • A decent salary for the supporting staff.
  • Transportation for the children to move around when there is a need.

We Strive

  • Constantly we strive to find a way to improve the quality life of our children and staff.
  • And we continue to strive to provide higher/quality education to below poverty children towards uplifting them